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About us

Since its founding in 2006, Identifi has always strived to push the boundaries of production perfection. We are proud our work and because we never settle for second-rate in our engraving methods or systems, makes it possible for us to deliver what our clients require - on time, every time.

We use state-of-the-art Laser Marking and Engraving equipment and are passionate about providing all our customers with high quality results.

During our 15 years servicing the labelling, signage and identification needs of the Electrical, Mechanical, Solar and HVAC industries, we have managed to establish ourselves as a well respected leader in the market as a reliable identification / signage / label supplier.

We provide engraving services to businesses all around Australia and New Zealand, including: Bayswater, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch, Tasmania.

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Engraving and Laser Marking Bayswater, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch, Tasmania

Featured Products

Traffolyte / Acrylic plastic labelling Melbourne

2 Ply Custom Plastic

This material is used mainly for labels and signage in the Electrical, HVAC and Solar sectors and is made from extremely durable Traffolyte / Acrylic plastic sheet.

Not only is this material light weight, weather resistant and available in a range of vibrant colours, sizes and thicknesses, we are also able use a clients brief to create pretty much anything you require.

These labels can be fixed using either 3M self-adhesive, screws or both.

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Switchboard labels, Acrylic labels, Plastic Labels or Industrial labels made from Traffolyte

Switchboard Labels

Otherwise referred to in the electrical industry as: Switchboard Labels, Acrylic Labels, Plastic Labels or Industrial Labels are made from Traffolyte and are available in all standard 2-Ply Plastic Sheet Colours.

Need something different? Not a problem. Our laser engraving / cutting machines are able to create whatever design you require.

Although these labels are usually Self Adhesive, they can also be supplied with Screw Mounting Holes.

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Industrial, Commercial signage engraving Melbourne

Warning & Caution Signage

Primarily designed for the Industrial and commercial industry to convey warnings, hazards, danger etc.

Choose from our range of standard Industrial and Commercial warning and caution signs and labels or we can customise them to suit your needs.

Our safety signage, stickers and labels can be supplied ready to be fitted to machinery etc and can be printed on either aluminium or poly backing with 3M adhesive.

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Laser Cutting and Engraving Services

Industrial / Commercial laser marking of switchboard & control panel labelling, stainless steel, traffolyte & aluminium identification tags & labels, warning signage.