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We offer a comprehensive range of solar label kits, custom 2-Ply plastic Traffolyte labels, stainless steel plates, power outlets and light switch printing, switchboard & control panel labels, wire & cable markers with sleeves, valve & equipment tagging, identification tags & labels and warning signage.

We provide engraving services to businesses all around Australia and New Zealand, including: Bayswater, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch, Tasmania.

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We engrave on the following materials

  • 2 ply, acrylic, Trolase, Traffolyte
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • Most metals and even wood and leather

Custom Laser Engraving, Marking & Cutting

If you would like more information about our range of industrial / commercial laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting services, then please feel to contact us direct on 0438 018 575, send us an email or via the buttons below.

* 1-2 day service turnaround time.
* Custom size and large quantity orders may take up to 3-5 business days.

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Laser Marking, Engraving Melbourne

Industrial Engraving of the following products

1. Custom 2 Ply Plastic

Used extensively in the Electrical, HVAC & Solar sectors, Trotec 2-Ply Plastic has excellent durability and a guaranteed UV and weather resistance in excess of 4 years.

All sheets come with an option for a Self-Adhesive backing, which we supply and recommend 3M Adhesive, to give peace of mind and a lasting installation.

All labels & identification can be made to any shape or size, with a maximum dimension of 750mm x 450mm.

Full Range of Colours available.

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Custom 2 Ply Plastic

2. Switchboard Labelling

Otherwise referred to in the electrical industry by names such as: Switchboard labels, Acrylic labels, Plastic Labels or Industrial labels are made from Traffolyte these labels are available in all standard 2-Ply Plastic Sheet Colours and can be designed to your requirements.

These Labels are typically Self Adhesive and can also be supplied with Screw Mounting Holes. Power Outlets and Light Switch plates and mechanisms can also be printed to your requirement.

Made from a plastic material called Traffolyte these labels are extremely durable and long lasting

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Switchboard, GPO Labelling

3. Cable Identification Markers

Cable identification markers are usually fixed to cables or wires and are designed to provide a quick and easy method in which to identify a cable or wire.

These labels / markers can be placed in a location that is easy to read, even in hard-to-reach areas.

We have the ability to produce either Stainless Steel or Plastic cable markers and able to meet a wide range of requirements for the cabling industry.

Optional Plastic & Stainless cable ties are also available.

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Cable Markers

4. Wire Markers

Just like cable markers, wire markers are predominately used for the purpose of labelling wires. This process can be performed either prior to or after termination.

We offer a large variety of long lasting wire markers in an array of sizes, colours and lengths. We also offer custom laser engraving.

Supplied as ‘trees’, typically with quantities of 12,18, 24 or 32 tags. These can be supplied with Sleeves fitted to suit your Wire/Cable OD.

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Wire Markers

5. Stainless Steel Tags & Valve Markers

Engraved using a High Frequency Laser source, this is a permanent etch of the material surface and is extremely durable. We hold a variety of stock sizes and can supply alternative sizes/material to suit your requirements. Stainless Steel Screw Tag Wires are also stocked for mounting of the Valve Markers.

Safety & Caution Signage:

Full range of Warning & Caution signage with a liquid printed front on either aluminium or poly backing with 3M adhesive.

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Stainless Steel Tags & Valve Markers

6. Warning & Caution Signage

Designed to be used in the Industrial and commercial industry our warning and caution signs are available in a range of designs, or if need be we can customise the signage to suit your requirements.

Our Warning and Caution signage have a liquid printed front and can be printed on either aluminium or poly backing with 3M adhesive.

Warnings include: Toxic Fumes, Solar Array, Electrical, DC Isolators, Battery, Hazards etc.

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Warning & Caution Signage
Industrial / Commercial signage, labels & tags

Precision engraved self-adhesive warning signage, switchboard labels, stainless steel, aluminium tags & valve, wire & cable markers for industrial and commercial use.